Our Origin

With the heart of the coffee farmers of Huila and the immensity of their commitment to the work of their land, so is the coffee from the "La Mompo" farm. The village of La Vega, at 1,450 meters above sea level, pays tribute to farmer hands and a coffee family tradition that with its love make this coffee stand out for its pronounced fragrance and aroma, its acidity and medium body, and its sweetness with notes red fruits and citrus fruits. This coffee seeks that its consumption supports families that are rooted in their peasant customs; and with its purchase it is making the future of the coffee growers as "Gigante", as the name of this beautiful municipality.book report

Grain coffee

Grain coffee with pronunced fragance, acidity and medium body, sweet with berries and citrus.

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Ground Coffee

Ground coffee with intense fragrance, pronounced aroma, acidity and medium body, sweet, with some berries and citrus.

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Kit 1 Coffee La Mompo

To generate culture arround the coffee so our cliens will be able to have a […]

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